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Clash Royale is a very popular game seen played by people of all ages. It is a game wherein the player is required to collect various challenging cards and at the same time fill his repository with gems and gold. The original version of the game is a straightforward game wherein there are no cheats or tricks used for extra gems and gold. But it becomes difficult to play this way because without extra resources it is absolutely impossible to continue playing the game. And it is for this purpose that we have the private server option for this game. There are private servers for Android, iOS, and all types of devices the game is being played on.

Comment débloquer tous les Troops dans clash royale serveur privé

These private servers for the devices not only help in getting extra resources but also helps in getting unlimited troops for the player`s clan. This is very important for a player in fighting his enemies.  But there are some nagging demerits in using this new trick in playing better.

  • This makes the game very simple and easy. The player literally feels nothing challenging and promising and hence the game absolutely becomes nothing at all.
  • The real feel of the game gets lost when the private servers are used in playing the game.
  • Sometimes the servers might become too slow dragging the game. It might take time in restoring back to normal situation.
  • There might be problems of auto-disconnection and hence the game might get a little boring.

These are some of the very common problems faced by those using the private server in their play. But of course all these have been improved and now there are few modifications being made in the usage of the private servers. So use them without hesitation and have a great gaming experience.